Global festival of new economy urges action

Engage Invest Exploit featured Scotland’s most innovative data-driven companies

Scotland Can Do

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With an ambition to build a world-leading entrepreneurial nation, a place where sustainable growth and innovation deliver benefits to all of society, CAN DO Fest was conceived to gather together the people who can help us bring this model to life, accelerate system change and deliver improved economic, environmental and social value.

A global festival of the new economy, CAN DO Fest, comprised three weeks of events delivered by self-nominated organizations committed to the CAN DO agenda. While each event was tailored to the audiences that each organization serves, they all contributed towards the shared mission of building the most entrepreneurial society in the world. Events included:

  • Engage Invest Exploit Scotland’s premier technology investor showcase featuring Scotland’s most promising innovative, data-driven high growth companies, seeking funding from seed to series A.
  • Entrepreneurial Scotland Annual Conference 2018 Bringing together the most inspirational entrepreneurs of today and the rising stars of tomorrow, this year’s event focused on the theme of ‘global mindset and ambition’.
  • Zebras Not Unicorns Stories from Scotland’s Social Entrepreneurs – a fireside chat with three social entrepreneurs on a mission to make the world a better place.
  • Places of Creative Production Understanding Scotland’s Creative Economy – a one-day symposium exploring current and future connections between Higher Education and the Creative and Cultural sectors.
  • Impact Summit explored the potential to create an economy that uplifts all. It was appropriate then that First Minister should announce Scotland CAN B – the world’s first nationwide programme aligned to the international B Corps movement.
  • National Co-working Day Co-working can help Scotland become a world-leading entrepreneurial nation through connection and collaboration between businesses. National Co-working Day is an open day of every co-working space in Scotland.
  • Scottish Council for Development and Industry Forum 2018 Helping shape the principles for a new blueprint of sustainable growth in Scotland – putting our economy to work for everyone, everywhere.
  • Company Creation Conference Aimed at identifying and nurturing the entrepreneurial talent at the University of Strathclyde.
  • Business in the Community Celebrating responsible business in Scotland, Responsible Business Week is an annual Business in the Community campaign, championing the responsible business agenda and what this means for society.
  • Asia Scotland Institute Challenges for Tomorrow’s Leaders in the Century of Asia – A Global Perspective, presented by Dame Vivian Hunt, Managing Partner for McKinsey & Company’s United Kingdom and Ireland.

It’s early days, but we envisage that in future years CAN DO Fest will be a focal point not just nationally but internationally for a stronger, better and fairer economy, with opportunities for everyone to flourish.