Spotlight shines on Midstream’s growth

Mistream LED High Mast
Midstream’s LED High Mast Lighting provides airports with significant savings on conventional lighting

LED expert company has set new standards for specialist lighting projects around the world

Queen’s Award for Innovation

By Conor O’Brien

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Ever since it landed its first major project for Gatwick Airport in 2012, growth has really taken off at Midstream, the leading manufacturer of specialist lighting. And its recent winning of a Queen’s Award for Innovation suggests that the sky’s the limit as turnover looks set to soar for the foreseeable future.

Midstream specialises in LED High-Mast Lighting, with a focus on bespoke or specialist lighting projects. A pioneer in this field from the beginning, the challenges of delivering products with very high power and advanced thermal management properties, at a cost that is economically viable, has been the research focus of Midstream from its foundation.

The company was established six years ago when its founders identified a gap in the fast-growing LED sector for a quality, high-power floodlighting product. When airports were identified as early adaptors of technology, Midstream’s central focus became the provision of high power lighting systems to the aviation sector to both deliver significant energy and maintenance savings as well as to improve illumination levels to satisfy Health and Safety requirements, and to comply with international standards. The company has now supplied its product, designed in London and manufactured in Stafford, to over 40 airports around the world.

“We manufacture long-life products – they last ten years plus compared to three years for a conventional light fitting – providing clients with maximum energy and maintenance savings,” explained Dominic Dreyfus, Midstream’s Chairman.

“That means that our clients can save three maintenance cycles, which can represent a significant saving for an airport; especially a very busy airport for which it can be problematic to shut down areas for maintenance.”

The company invests significantly in R&D and has developed a host of proprietary and unique features which sets its products apart from all others in the market. Organically funded, Midstream’s turnover is on target to grow from £2.5m to £4m in its current financial year, having grown at an annual rate of 70% over the last few years.

Indeed, the company is now listed on both the FT1000: Europe’s fastest-growing companies, and the Deloitte Top 500 Tech companies by growth in the EMEA region. In addition to major international airports, Midstream’s clients include infrastructure owners, busy container ports, railway operators, highway agencies and large asset managers.

It also works with design consultants and architects to assist with lighting design from master-planning stage through to detailed design stage. Yet the two key sectors it has identified for future expansion are lighting for sporting stadia and horticulture.

“Our range of products developed for sporting stadia allow us to deliver projects to the most exacting specification, whether working to FIFA or UEFA rules, or to local government or sporting bodies’ requirements,” said Mr Dreyfus.

“Whether the target is a newly-built stadium or upgrading of existing sport and track facilities, we can deliver energy savings and improvement in lighting conditions, reduced glare and optimised controls.

”And having won a Queen’s Award for innovation, Midstream now has its eyes set on winning a Queen’s Award for exporting. Given its growth rate and the fact that it already exports to 35 countries, such a goal seems well within the company’s capabilities.