Smart Scotland

Scotland is a country that has consistently punched above its weight in the innovation stakes – and its adoption of Smart Cities technology is swiftly taking that ambition into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In this new world, it is streamlining infrastructures in its key urban areas using data and integrating technologies that will link areas such as transport, communications energy and even healthcare to make its cities more secure, efficient and desirable places to live.

The country is already gathering speed on this global highway. The Scottish Government’s Strategic Investment is supporting a nationwide programme of activity which is engaging all seven of its cities – Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth and Stirling – in programmes that include the increased and more productive use of mobile and technology and social media, the reduction of traffic congestion and cost-efficient but effective new telehealth technology services as well as making cities greener and better places in which to do business.

Scotland also benefits from a unique collaboration between its cities, The Scottish Cities Alliance, which is currently showcasing £7.5 billion ($9.94bn) of investor-led opportunities and is focusing on the country’s growing global reputation for innovative technology.

The potential for Smart City technology is breath-taking, whether it’s better parking and street lighting, improved waste facilities management or crucial disaster planning, but it also requires far-sighted ways of organising and joining up these possibilities.

As a small yet resourceful and adaptable country with an impressive range of skills and educational facilities, Scotland is not content with just ticking the right boxes – rather it is realising a vision to be at the forefront of a series of ever-increasing expectations and standards that are rapidly harnessing technological advances to build a stronger economy – one which benefits everyone who does business there.