Smarter and beyond – building science and technology into people’s lives

Milton Park a community of Life Science and Business companies

Science Vale UK is one of the UK’s most important science based regions. It recently relaunched to showcase the business and lifestyle benefits of moving to this important area – its two business enterprise zones, garden town status and close to London.

The gateway to this science region is Didcot Garden Town where Smart City principles are being developed for the benefit of residents, businesses and their employees. 15,000 new homes and 20,000 new jobs are planned for the future in this £621 million programme, improving the area’s work life balance through ambitious connectivity solutions for inhabitants and communities.

A super green Smart Town

Garden Line walking, cycling and autonomous travel route

Connectivity will help achieve a super green Smart Town through a range of energy, home and road projects.  Built into the town will be more environmentally friendly modes of private and public transport such as electric cars and autonomous vehicles (already being tested within the region at Culham Science Centre) along with active travel – walking and cycling – sustainable transport routes.

It’s not just encouraging a swap from diesel and petrol to electric as this will not solve congestion issues.  Intelligent traffic systems using big data from mobile phones, sensors or satellites (using technology developed here at Harwell Campus the UK’s Space Gateway) will enable the Smart Town data to fast track emergency vehicles, car share or find parking spaces amongst many other Smart Connective travel links.

Leveraging local and international Smart Technology

Embedding technology in the home and for on the move

Working closely with leading smart technology companies will help us futureproof new housing.

Using garden town principles, developers will plan to design with and use new construction methods such as modular housing.  All the Internet of Things innovations, through public Wi-Fi and fifth generation mobile networks, will introduce new technology into people’s lifestyles rather than being used as a test bed.

Smart green energy solutions

The region is internationally renowned for research and development in sub-atomic particle physics, advanced materials design, engineering and nuclear fusion reactors.  These businesses are prodigious users of energy and generators of waste heat and energy. This can be used to deliver distributed heat and energy networks for a more sustainable town and, through battery storage, improve resilience for local businesses and residents.

Didcot Garden Town benefits from having scientific expertise and knowledge on its doorstep in its Space, Energy and Life Sciences business clusters. The region is a sound, long-term investment supported by substantial public investment and world class talent to drive growth in a perfect lifestyle choice location for business and people.

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