Glasgow – a city of the future

Since it won a £24 million ($31.6m) Scottish Government grant less than five years ago Glasgow – Scotland’s biggest city – has been a leader in identifying projects that will demonstrate how the city of the future will work.

With apps reporting giving real-time information on transport infrastructure and the potential for analytical software that will use the power of the crowd to enhance services on every level, it is working in close collaboration with countries in other metropolitan areas in a range of exciting developments that include:

  • RUGGEDISED, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme in collaboration with six European cities to combine ICT, e-mobility and energy solutions to design smart, resilient cities for all.
  • City data hub, an Open Data platform that allows the city and organisations to automate the publication, storage and availability of their data so that it is easy to access. It helps make the publication of open data sustainable for everyone in the city and helps us to understand and shape Glasgow in new ways.
  • Intelligent street lighting, which gets brighter for pedestrians and cyclists and dimmer if there is less using a network of sensors collecting statistics.

Glasgow, with its record in research-led academic achievement, and as a location for global leaders such as Morgan Stanley and HSBC in its International Financial Services District, is an increasingly attractive base for indigenous and overseas firms in the era of “smart” investment and the growth of FinTech.

Comprising efficiency, resilience, the reduction of costs and access to data in an environment that escalates informed decision making, Glasgow’s Smart Cities strategy is forward looking, decisive and effective.