More than 94% of international students believe Scotland is a “good place to be” | 超过94%的国际学生认为苏格兰是一个“好地方”

For study and world leading research: Find out why Scotland is one of the best in the world

International students

Scotland’s student population is truly international and the country is home to over 57,000 students and staff from across the globe. Their contribution helps maintain the high-quality of teaching, world-class research and the unrivalled student experience that gives Scotland one the best higher education sectors in the world.

This is supported by the fact that five of Scotland’s 19 higher education institutions are rated amongst the top one per cent in the world in the 2016 Times Higher Education World Ranking and a further seven rank in the top five per cent.

Graduates leave with what’s required to be successful

Employability is a core priority within Scotland’s higher education sector and graduates leave with skill sets that are both transferable and sought by employers, which leads those taking up jobs on graduation having the highest starting-salaries of all graduates in the UK.

World-class research

Today’s biggest research challenges are international in nature and Scotland’s universities are taking forward research that breaks ground, transforms lives and makes a global difference.

That’s why international collaboration on research and the exchange of staff between institutions from across the world is a crucial feature of Scottish higher education.

Creating businesses from research

There’s always been an enterprise culture in Scotland’s universities and colleges with ‘spin-out’ companies – that’s companies launched on the back of academic research – being created on a scale unrivalled by any other region in the UK.

This academic expertise can also be accessed by businesses looking to innovate and create new products or systems. What makes this easier is there’s a robust support structure in place to assist organisations at every step of the way.

Recognised internationally

Scotland attracts more inward investment than any other part of the UK, after London and increasingly research and development is at the heart of attracting this investment.